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Outlier Storm King Shell Parka

 投稿者:Algar  投稿日:2012年 4月17日(火)11時14分22秒

Weve always admired Outliers unique blend of style and functionality  and their new Storm King Shell Parka ($650) seems to follow the same great formula. Made from 100% Supermarine cotton replica watches   its designed to be a highly water resistant and breathable alternative to synthetics like Gore-Tex. Like most of Outliers tops  four-way arm construction is also used to provide a full range of motion  effectively eliminating the Frankenstein reach. Sold in red fake porsche design watch   black  its a great alternative to Naus Modus Trench or Aethers Stormy Jacket  and its produced right in New York City. For more shots of the jacket be sure to hit up the gallery on the next page.

Buy Now: $650

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Herman Miller SAYL Chair

 投稿者:Arron  投稿日:2012年 4月12日(木)10時47分1秒

The Inflatable Photo Studio ($495) is the invention of photographer Brian Hedenberg who replica watches  replica giuliano mazzuoli watches   like other photogs  is always on the search of finding solutions to weather  lighting. and other exposure-killing factors. The IPS inflates in under 5 minutes to create a 20 x 12 x 12 (lwh) studio complete with re-inforced flooring. It weighs just 40 lbs and packs down to just 40 x 15 x 15. IPS will be happy to create you a custom version as well. No guarantees you wont get some curious looks when you inflate it in the middle of Times Square.

Buy Now: $495 (pre-order)

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Sonos Play 3

 投稿者:Leo  投稿日:2012年 4月 3日(火)12時56分35秒

Long before AirPlay was on the scene  Sonos products made streaming music wirelessly throughout the home an easy affair. The companys new Play 3 ($299) speaker is no exception. Designed to act on its own as a small but mighty audio solution for apartments  or as part of a larger Sonos system  its 5.2 x 10.6 x 6.3 inch frame contains three Class-D digital amplifiers  which individually power one tweeter replica swiss watches sale   and two three inch mid-range drivers replica jacob & co watches   while a passive  rear-firing radiator handles da bass. Thanks to Sonoss included intuitive software  the speaker can access almost every digital music service in existence and can be controlled in a variety of ways including via an Android or iPhone app. For multi-speaker setups  theres even the option to use two Play 3 units together for stereo audio. Eat your heart out Bose Sound Dock.

Buy Now: $299


Milwaukee Golf Caddie

 投稿者:Amos  投稿日:2012年 3月31日(土)16時08分42秒

The Milwaukee Golf Caddie is a specialized accessory that combines a certain subset of mens two greatest passions  a.k.a. golf and their Harley (apologies ladies). If youre the proud owner of 1995 to Current Road King  Road Glide replica parmigiani watches   Tour Glide  Street Glide or Electra Glide  then the Golf Caddies current offerings will fit on your bike. Even more importantly  this handy made in the USA attachment can be installed or uninstalled in under a minute and requires no brackets replica watches   specialized tools or modifications to the bike. Whether you prefer to walk or cart it  the Milwaukee Golf Caddie can stably hold any size bag with no effect on handling. The company even claims theyve tested it at speeds up to 95 mph. Frankly  any course worth driving those speeds for to make a tee-time would probably turn a cold shoulder if you pulled up on a golfed-out Harley  but we cant fault the Milwaukee Golf Caddie team for thorough testing practices.

Buy Now: $489


Shopped 12 Picks from the Pop Up Flea

 投稿者:Rufus  投稿日:2012年 3月31日(土)15時55分50秒

Below youll find a dozen-ish picks from the ">Pop Up Flea. Given our druthers we would have snagged the whole lot  but alas we left with only a few at least for today. If youre in New York  be sure to make it down to 159 Bleecker street  wallet in tow  because there are plenty of finds to be scored. A well-deserved hat tip to Michael Williams and Randy Goldberg for bringing together one fine collective.

Hit the jump for the rundown.

Chukkas  Red Wing Shoe Co.

Lanyards  Tanner Goods

Dead Stock Jaeger LeCoultre  Hodinkee

Branded goods  Wooden Sleepers

Pants replica longines   Grown  Sewn

Waxed suede boot  Oak Street Bootmakers

Buckled dopp kit replica watches   Billykirk

Leather chair and stool  Sit and Read

Made in USA card  Terrapin Stationers

Model bomber on price card stand  Three Potato Four

Stumptown Boots  Danner

Ties  squares  suspenders and such  Alexander Olch

Loafers  Rancourt  Co. Shoecrafters

Jack Daniels

The full roster.


Rio is Rising: 72 Hours in Rio de Janeiro

 投稿者:QueenaHazel  投稿日:2012年 3月28日(水)14時07分40秒

Preface: Recently, on an invitation from our friends at Veuve Clicquot, we ventured 4,800 miles south to Rio de Janerio, or what its Portuguese forebearers serendipitously misnamed River of January. Seeking insight and photographic proof of Rio’s reputation for both vice and enchantment, we discovered a city quivering to the beat of music and culture, particularly with Carnaval, but also one ambitious on renewal. Looking beyond the glitz, Rio brims with finesse and adventure — and no shortage of Samba — further cementing the age-old Brazilian adage that “God created the world in six days and on the seventh day, He created Rio de Janeiro”.

Our 5-part photo essay continues after the jump.

<hr size="1px" width="75%" align="center"/>

“Take off your watch,” the woman next to me softly demanded as she tucked into her blanket, “and don’t expect any sleep”. So I did.

10 hours later, I woke up in Rio.

Both beautiful and brutal, Rio De Janeiro is a city of impossible contrasts. A dynamic metropolis of 6.3 million Cariocas (residents of Rio) wedged into the backdrop of granite mountains, lush forests and pulsing beaches. Rio is not just Brazil’s second largest city — it’s the most famous.

With a reputation that precedes it, Rio’s sex, samba, and dense favelas (slum like shanty towns) are bolstered by a culture infused with unrelenting passion, burgeoning economy, and wide swaths of modern-day sophistication. The meteoric rise of Brazil — the largest economy in Latin America and by their own account, the 5th largest in the world — is clearly at play in Rio. The future home to both the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Olympics, not to mention the annual Carnaval — an annual party to end all parties… and sobriety — Rio has proven that unfettered passion and a city oozing with charm can overcome its groaning infrastructure and seedier vices.


<q>…Rio hits you like a dozen 5-hour Energy bottles, throwing a TKO of samba, sex, and partying, never relenting until it heaves you onto the return flight, Carnival mask in one hand while the other brushes off body glitter…</q>


On one hand Rio hits you like a dozen 5-hour Energy bottles, throwing a TKO of samba, sex, and partying, never relenting until it heaves you onto the return flight, carnival mask in one hand while the other brushes off body glitter. But look past its scantily clad denizens, glam and pounding music and you’ll find a city brimming with natural discovery — not to mention a photographer’s mecca — teeming with Avatar-like vistas, and cobblestoned hillside communities bristling with life, sights and delicious eats. On our trip, we saw both.

It’s nearly impossible not to be seduced by the cidade maravilhosa (marvelous city) much less its wonderful people. The city’s passion for life is as ambitious as its terrain and effervescent citizens, all with honorary doctorates in living the good life. Including the ex-pats. Like a battle cry, the cariocas rally to the sound of samba. And no where is this better or more widely exhibited than the annual festival of Carnaval.

Rio is and forever will be a beach town, bohemian and casual, but also exploding with international jet-setters, adventure seekers, and the stylish. If you crave diversity, Rio will not disappoint.

We’ve broken down our photo essay into five chapters. Click to go directly, or, scroll (a lot) through them all.

<hr size="1px" width="75%" align="center"/>

Chapters: Rio by Air | Carnaval | Grand Ball | Leblon & Ipanema | Santa Teresa | Parting Words

Rio by Air

With its unforgettable views, there’s really no better way to take in the natural wonder of Rio than via helicopter. The expanse of Rio’s steep mountains colliding with the Atlantic, the residential neighborhoods fringing on Rodrigo de Frietas Lake, views of Sugar Loaf Mountain, Copacabana Beach, and of course the highlight: soaring past the Christ the Redeemer Statue that crowns Corcovado Mountain.

We’ve put together a quick slide show of our helicopter tour.

<hr size="1px" width="75%" align="center"/>

Chapters: Rio by Air | Carnaval | Grand Ball | Leblon & Ipanema | Santa Teresa | Parting Words


The origins of Rio’s Carnaval are debated. Dating back to 1723, some think it originally began as a spree of mischief eventually evolving into masquerade balls for the well-heeled. Others believe that resident Africans living in the favelas started the tradition evidenced by the feathered headdresses.

In either case, the celebrations of Carnaval last for 4 days and nights ushering in the restraints of Lent. Though celebrations occur throughout the country, Rio’s is undoubtedly the most opulent and prodigious — sometimes, downright bewildering with two million people packing the streets — with parades and festivals throughout the city ranging from the blocos de carnaval (block parties) on nearly every corner of Rio to the famous Escolar de Samba (samba school) parade in the Sambadrome.

At the Escolar de Samba, participants hailing from more than a dozen samba schools throughout the city vie for the bragging rights of the top spot — something Rio de Janeiro does not take lightly.

<hr size="1px" width="75%" align="center"/>

Chapters: Rio by Air | Carnaval | Grand Ball | Leblon & Ipanema | Santa Teresa | Parting Words

Grand Ball at Copacabana Palace

Every year, the Copacabana Palace celebrates the Rio Carnival with a Grand Ball. Touted as the epitome of glamour in Rio, the masquerade is nothing short of surreal — a conglomeration of red carpet, celebrities and Brazil’s well to do’s. Endless costumes, endless spirits, endless everything. The ball is a spectacle.

<hr size="1px" width="75%" align="center"/>

Chapters: Rio by Air | Carnaval | Grand Ball | Leblon & Ipanema | Santa Teresa | Parting Words

Leblon & Ipanema

Despite the fact that Leblon and Ipanema are two contrasting neighborhoods, it’s difficult to distinguish the two — the neighborhoods are actually one long beach separated by the gardens and canal of Jardim de Alah with the peaks of Dois Irmados mountains in the background. The lively, upmarket neighborhood of Leblon is distinctive, filled with Cariocas and families seeking out its bustling bars, delicious quick-eats, and exclusive restaurants — or just mingle time with the gente bonita (beautiful people).

Ipanema’s wide golden beaches whir with the activity of the lithe and tanned striving to keep themselves that way. The beach is undoubtedly a sports mecca — you’d be hard pressed to find a more inspiring location for your morning jog — providing a dazzling setting for volleyball, soccer, and cyclists. And though Ipanema translates to “dangerous waters” (don’t swim too far out), the commune of tree-lined streets, culture and yes, girls from Ipanema will leave you slack-jawed.

Below is a short recording of the sounds (and music) from one our walks through Ipanema to listen to as you browse through the photos.



<hr size="1px" width="75%" align="center"/>

Chapters: Rio by Air | Carnaval | Grand Ball | Leblon & Ipanema | Santa Teresa | Parting Words

Santa Teresa

Santa Teresa is easily our favorite neighborhood in Rio — and our homestead for the trip. Perched high above Centro and lined with crumbling colonial mansions, Santa Teresa is a worthy alternative to the high-rises and clamor of Rio’s beach neighborhoods. Quiet, leafy cobblestoned streets furrowed with a perfectly derelict yellow bonde (tram) wind their way through crumbling — yet stunning in their own right — colonial mansions. The mansions, cafes and copious restaurants are occupied with musicians, artists, and writers all taking a moment to take in the fact that they’re in Rio’s coolest district.

<hr size="1px" width="75%" align="center"/>

Chapters: Rio by Air | Carnaval | Grand Ball | Leblon & Ipanema | Santa Teresa | Parting Words

Parting Words

Rio in 72 hours is impossible. The aforementioned neighborhoods and plenty more that we didn’t mention, like Jardim Botanico anchored by its stunning Botanical Gardens, the saltwater lagoon of Lagoa, and the galleries and museums of Centro each deserve of a week’s worth of exploration — not to mention the glamour of the city’s natural habitat. But at the end of the day, Rio’s finest asset is its people. Leading a life well-lived, Rio swings to the beat its own samba drum and from where we’re standing, it appears they’ve mastered the art.

And just for the record, my watch made it back.

Photography by Eric Yang




 投稿者:teacup.運営  投稿日:2012年 3月28日(水)14時06分37秒