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Milwaukee Golf Caddie

 投稿者:Amos  投稿日:2012年 3月31日(土)16時08分42秒
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The Milwaukee Golf Caddie is a specialized accessory that combines a certain subset of mens two greatest passions  a.k.a. golf and their Harley (apologies ladies). If youre the proud owner of 1995 to Current Road King  Road Glide replica parmigiani watches   Tour Glide  Street Glide or Electra Glide  then the Golf Caddies current offerings will fit on your bike. Even more importantly  this handy made in the USA attachment can be installed or uninstalled in under a minute and requires no brackets replica watches   specialized tools or modifications to the bike. Whether you prefer to walk or cart it  the Milwaukee Golf Caddie can stably hold any size bag with no effect on handling. The company even claims theyve tested it at speeds up to 95 mph. Frankly  any course worth driving those speeds for to make a tee-time would probably turn a cold shoulder if you pulled up on a golfed-out Harley  but we cant fault the Milwaukee Golf Caddie team for thorough testing practices.

Buy Now: $489


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