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Outlier Storm King Shell Parka

 投稿者:Algar  投稿日:2012年 4月17日(火)11時14分22秒
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Weve always admired Outliers unique blend of style and functionality  and their new Storm King Shell Parka ($650) seems to follow the same great formula. Made from 100% Supermarine cotton replica watches   its designed to be a highly water resistant and breathable alternative to synthetics like Gore-Tex. Like most of Outliers tops  four-way arm construction is also used to provide a full range of motion  effectively eliminating the Frankenstein reach. Sold in red fake porsche design watch   black  its a great alternative to Naus Modus Trench or Aethers Stormy Jacket  and its produced right in New York City. For more shots of the jacket be sure to hit up the gallery on the next page.

Buy Now: $650

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